Realizing the dreams of local changemakers,
beginning with Dr. Jafani Nabare


We believe that the best way to improve disadvantaged parts of the world is through supporting inspiring local initiatives and the social entrepreneurs behind them. The Jafani Foundation was inspired by Jafani Nabare, a Ghanaian doctor fighting for fair and affordable health care in Ghana. We are devoted to fulfilling Jafani Nabare's dream and the broader support of changemakers like him.


Jafani Nabare's dream

Find out about the story of Jafani Nabare and his dream for fair and affordable health care in Ghana.

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Find out more about the Jafani Foundation's roots and mission.

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Devine providence hospital

Learn more about the hospital in Ghana that will serve as an example for fair and affordable health across the region.

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Explore past festivals and the growing community around the Jafani Foundation.

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